FBA Label Printing Survey for Macintosh Users

OK, fellow FBAers, here’s the beginning of the iMarketOnMac FBA Printer Setup database/library for Macintosh users. Watch this video It explains how to contribute your successful printer setup details. The Text Edit document it shows is available at Just click on the zipped file in the list and it will download to your hard…

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ScanPower Raises $18,000+ For Toys for Tots

On November 21, 2013, Chris Green CEO and Director of ScanPower hosted a fund raiser on for the US Marine Corp’s Toys for Tots. A wonderful variety of nearly 20 guests contributed their knowledge over the 15 hours that Chris was online with spreecast. Chris also secured sponsors from businesses and individuals working in…

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Where Do You Write Your Copy?

Where do you write your copy? I don’t mean do you write it in the living room, or in the bedroom, or in the kitchen or . . . well you see what I mean. What I’d like to know is what application do you use to write your copy. Do you write them in…

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How to Manage Your Workflow With The Finder

Familiarity breeds contempt! That’s an old adage, but in my experience as a Macintosh trainer, I am convinced that the fact that the Finder is always there, and that you never actually launch it, causes Mac users to ignore how powerful a piece of software it really is. I’m going to suggest a couple of…

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How to Find Files with OS X’s Spotlight

Finding Files or Folders To manage folders and files, you need to know where they are. Is there anyone who hasn’t saved a file (like a product photo or product description) somewhere on a hard drive and then forgotten where we saved it? Never fear Spotlight is here! Spotlight is the name of the wonderful…

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From Proficiency to Productivity – Use the Finder

What do we do as Amazon FBA sellers or Internet marketers? More specifically, what do we do on our Macintosh computers as FBA sellers or Internet marketers? The next few posts may seem pretty basic, but I am going to focus on the routine things we do when we use Macs, and how we can…

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Why iMarketOnMac? Here’s What I Want to Do

I Always Start With the Task We always need to remember that our computers are tools we use to do the tasks that we need to get done. As an Apple technical and sales trainer I always taught my  students that they must help their customers determine what they wanted to get done when they…

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